Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a party?

50% of package price Non- Refundable to save your date and time. The balance has to be paid the week of the party.

What are the age requirement?

2-12 and 13-15 Glow in the dark party.

Do we host other events?

Yes, baby shower, shows, modeling, make up events, summer camp, spring break, christmas break, imaging and etiquette classes, and much more.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, you may but we will charge a fee if we have to serve or warm up food.

Do you have catering?

yes, we have catering, food packages, and cakes. If you use our services you will not be required to bring utensils, napkins, ice, or cups.

What am I required to bring?

If you are bringing your own food, you are required to bring your own utensils, plates, cups, napkins, water bottles and all other drinks and ice.

Do you have different characters?

Yes, we have all types of characters, including princesses, magician, etc.

Do you have balloons?

Yes, we have a balloon service.

What extra things do you rent?

Limo, selfie booth, nail art machine, chocolate fountain, candy station, cookie, and cake pop.

What do you provide?

Table cloths, decoration, cup cake stands, cake candelabras, coolers.

Do you have invitations?

Yes the paper invitations are $1.00 each and the digital invitations are $4.00 one time fee.

How much are party favors?

Depends on the size, we have 3 different sizes ranging $2,00, $10.00 and $15.00 each.

Do we offer photographer?

Yes, we have a photographer which includes a few develop photos and a CD with all pictures taken during your event.

Can we bring our own photographer, videographer, etc.?

No, for liability purposes we do not allow outside vendors in our establishment. If you bring your own photographer, caterer, or outside venues, we will charge you a fine.

What else does Divas host?

We host Birthday Parties, all types of events, Individual appointments, Classes, Summer Camp, Christmas Break, Spring Break and Imaging, Modeling and Etiquette Classes.

How do I book an individual appointment?

$25.00 non refundable

Is there a refund if the party is cancelled?

Unfortunately, not but your deposit can be used for a future date and time, up to a year.

If a child does not show up, do we still have to pay for that child?

Yes, we will confirm a few days prior to have a final count, in this case we can make adjustments.

What happens with guest who do not arrive on time?

We will try our best to get to them with all services, but it is not guaranteed.

What should I bring?

You may bring balloons, additional decorations, food for children and guest, Wine and/or champagne. You must bring plastic plates, utensils, cups, napkins and ice. We do have a cooler so no need to bring a cooler. You may bring goody bags, cup cakes, cake, and piñata.

What time can I start to set up?

45 minutes prior to the party.

What time should I order the pizza?

1 hour after party starts.

Is my party private?

Yes, each party is private.

Can I add additional service to my package?

Yes, you may include and additional services to the package.

Things to Know…

Please bring girls with unpolished nails.

We do not charge you tax or service fee, so please be aware that the hostesses get gratuity.

We kindly ask that everyone arrives on time. Party will start promptly at the schedule time.

Girls are not fully dressed until they sparkle